We need a modern compiler for Visual Basic 6 (and IDE)

I've been struggling with an issue lately at work. Most of the codebase was made in visual basic 6, and migrating the codebase to something new is timely and costly. We're doing it, but we still need to update the good old software for the company's needs.

Running the software is not a problem. To most people surprise, Microsoft's retro compatible with most of its legacy system, such as Visual Basic 6. But adding updates to the software on a modern computer, that's another story.

Source: Wikipedia

First, this compiler is not free. It's from a time when buying a compiler wasn't the crazy idea it is today. Second, it's software for Windows 98/XP, so there are compatibility issues. It runs fine on Windows 10 but with some hassles. I could use a VM with XP and solve the compatibility issues, but that would be working around the problem, not solving it.

My take on this is: if it can run on a modern system, there should be a modern way to maintain it. I'm not asking anything crazy, there's a lot (and I mean A LOT) of VB6 software still running out there, especially outside the US, and migrating all this software is not a realistic solution, just look at COBOL.

So what should we do about this? Nothing we can do really as users (or at least nothing I can do). This will need Microsoft to release some update to the VB6 IDE to work correctly on modern systems or maybe open source the original and let someone else do the work for them... Heck, I know nothing of compilers, but if they do it, I'll learn to maintain that crap to have a better experience maintaining software that doesn't involve making a Vudu sacrifice to a volcano.

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