What I consume: August 2020

With the Coronavirus and all, I've had more time to do stuff outside of work since my usual 3-hour travel to the office got axed in favor of remote work. So I think it will be useful to recompile the media I've been consuming in the past month.

Maquia: When the Promised Flower Blooms

My wife wanted to see this movie with me and was afraid I wouldn't say I liked it because this was their friends' opinion, but to her surprise and mine this movie it's good (A little fast-paced for my liking but fun nevertheless). Later I discover it was a Mari Okada movie, and I'm a fan of her work since I watched Gundam IBO.

This movie about motherhood it's a must for everyone.


source: Wikipedia

I got to re-read this book because of the Chilean band Tenemos Explosivos that usually mixes parts of Chilean history of resistance during the dictatorship and Greek theatre. Reading the Oedipus aftermath as an adult is something else. The struggle between law, power, and dignity are all present and left me wanting to go back to other Greek plays to rediscover.

Gojira: From Mars to Sirius

I really love this album. Its been my go-to every time I'm working to keep the paced. I really love Flying Whales and Global Warming and Ocean Planet is the best intro this album can have.

Operating Systems by Mercury Learning

source: BookDepository

When I told someone I was researching OS development as a hobby; he told me he could "borrow me" this e-book. This is not a good read... At least not for anyone trying to MAKE an OS. It's a good theory book for college. I mean. It has the same subjects I saw back in uni. Some chapters on Windows 10 and Android/iOS are somewhat interesting, but I was not looking for just theory.

Maybe I should write an OS book...

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